Our mission is to promote knowledge in the areas of ornithology and ecology that bolsters the conservation of birds and habitats. 

For this, we work at the interface between science, education and conservation. Science is the central pillar of the Mantiqueira Bird Observatory. We start with the most important which is science, and the most up-to-date tools that we have today to understand our position in the issue. To understand the world in which we live and its multiple faces is essential to promote a better way of living and inhabiting this Earth. Education is our second pillar. Education includes every form of work and activities that promote a greater interaction between society and science. Without the support from the community, the knowledge coming from science cannot promote change, therefore it is necessary that science and society walk together. Practices and adequate measures for the conservation of habitats and species is the result that we aim to achieve with a larger connection between society and science. 

For each of our pillars, there are various activities which we undertake: