OAMA – Bird Observatory of the Mantiqueira- is an independent nonprofit initiative for the study and conservation of Atlantic Forest birds, especially in the Mantiqueira mountain range. 

Our principal mission is to assist in filling in the gaps in the ornithological knowledge of brazil and promote a larger connection between science and conservation. 


We use standard and long-term monitoring to study avifauna in specific areas of the Mantiqueira range. We use the data collected from our monitoring for studies related to population dynamics, natural history and the effects of climatic changes in local bird populations. 

We also use data from citizen science and collaborators for studies in various themes in ornithology. 

We know that without the help from the public, scientific knowledge is not sufficient for the conservation of biodiversity. It is for this reason that the Observatorio de Aves da Mantiqueira plans to follow an inclusive model, looking to integrate the general population in our activities and projects. One of our principal objectives is to foster a connection between the public and science, because together, we can promote action for the conservation of nature.